Kyokushin Karate Training In Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Our Perspective about KYOKUSHIN KARATE.

In the eye of certain Martial Artist KYOKUSHIN KARATE appears as the hardest Karate on the planet. Nevertheless, it also means ego or unnecessary pride to some. The real truth or propaganda about how hard it really is, only known by the person or those who were involved in establishing that remark directly.

Today, after founder of KYOKUSHIN KARATE passed away i.e. Masutatsu Oyama (1923 – 1994) there are many KYOKUSHIN KARATE organisation co-exist & promoting their version of KYOKUSHIN KARATE training globally.

Grandmasters of Karate sometimes ago did sat together to share views & formulate the best extraction possible for their styles. There were several of those grandmasters were team mate or trained under the same Master. Masutatsu or Mas Oyama was one of Ginchin Funakushi (Shotokan) & Gogen Yamaguchi (Goju-ryu) students. Mas Oyama also promoted KYOKUSHIN KARATE to Korean in Korea due to his dual citizenship those days. That could be one of the reasons why KYOKUSHIN KARATE was well known in Korea & Japan since that time until now.

Here and now our training only concentrate on educational parts that benefit the practitioner & the world; to us full contact sparring not only referring to combat engagement or technical knock-out in a match. It is realistic to real life unarmed combat or fight situation; but under close control by authorized third parties e.g. law, referees & arbitrators. We are very selective in sending our students for full contact tournaments.

Hence, only student who is ready for KYOKUSHIN KUMITE will be allowed to train & go for full contact KYOKUSHIN kumite events. The rest are about hard training routines, aiming to condition the mind & body to withstand mental pressure or tolerate physical blows, if the hardest situation happen.

KYOKUSHIN KARATE training & competition are not for men only, but it is open for girls & women to participate; not surprisingly there are lots of female KYOKUSHIN KARATEKA worldwide.

In Malaysia we train under leadership of Malaysia Kyokushin Federation (MKYF). MKYF is affiliated to World Kyokushinkai Karate Association (WKKA), HQ in Netherlands.

Our establishments in the country are registered under Sports Development Act 1997, Societies Act 1966 & Registration of Business Act 1956 P.1978.


In term of intensity, not much different from other Karate styles, but the KYOKUSHIN KARATE training looks more intense & vigorous comparing to other styles; perhaps, due to contact styles KIHON.

Early references, evidences & footages demonstrated KYOKUSHIN KARATEKA accompanied with brutality label or images. Those marques are not necessary true, or it was an act of promotion against rivalries, no one really knows.

The truth is about the good morale & etiquette of specific KYOKUSHIN KARATEKA; no KARATE is developed to agree, to harm, to destruct, to insult or to inflict any types of harm or violent to anything.

We are not a threat to anyone, we want to be your friend. We train to be a better human being than yesterday; BRAIN FIRST, BEFORE ACTION.


In line with MMF direction, we are free from all kind of negativities, especially:-

Alcohol (ethanol).

On top of that, we prohibit the following profiling & related activities:-

Ethnicity discrimination
Political bias.
Abusive attitude.

We put the truth & respect above all – love – peace – freedom.



1. Ability to differentiate the right against the wrong.
2. Awareness towards managing sense of insecurity.
3. Proficiency to distinguish true against false.
4. New perspective & unique ways looking at life.


1. Gain self-control ability.
2. Improvement in decision making quality.
3. Progressive maturity of bravery spirits.


1. Intellectual competency.
2. Fitness specific tailored to combative skills.
3. Calmness in trouble shooting life issues.


1. Open your mind, explore the world via Martial Arts & Combative Sports.
2. Make friends, not enemy.
3. Leadership is Action.