Purpose & History


We are genuinely looking into progressive future of Malaysia for the year 2020 up to 2050 without any prejudice.

We focus on the human sense of reality. Professional Martial Arts & Combative Sports management are our tools to achieve our goal.

Right now, Malaysian and foreigners in our country are addicted to global climax conditions that demand each one of us to search for a comfort zone to live with. Due to this nervous conditions, the human is left with limited options resulting in desperate circumstances in making ends meet.

If Malaysian continue to live in a stressful situation without any justification to improve their mental and physical growth, our beloved country will be destroyed by itself. Malaysia can’t restructure its economy if the majority of its population having psychosocial issues caused by the abovementioned sentiments.

Now we attempt to give martial arts and combative sports a “come back” into this innovative modern technological civilization world. We believe a person with fantastic intellectual quality combined with vigorous physical ability can progressively resolve the current phenomenon from keep on spreading or multiplying.

Martial arts and combative sports endeavours could redesign our future from now onwards. With the implementation of MMF projects, all global citizen can make more friends, live and co-existing while sharing the benefits equitably. The shared values enjoyed by global citizen could also nourish the future of all Malaysian.

Hence, we are proud to introduce Malaysia Martial Arts Federation (MMF) providing a professional alternative for your life. Join our comrades now, unleash the real you “true-self” via venturing into the cutting-edge perspective about Martial Arts & Combative Sports.

This is how MMF aims to troubleshoot life phenomenon via exploring Martial Arts & Combative Sports.
REALITY is constructed by simulation (reproduction/replication) of molecules that arrived at the human mind from the following convinced logics:-

1. Circumstance
2. Conception
3. Environment
4. Evidence
5. Expectation
6. Experiment
7. Illusion
8. Impression
9. Observation
10. Perception
11. Perspective
12. Prediction
13. Purpose
14. Research
15. Situation

Therefore, reality is not necessarily the TRUTH for everyone. Reality certainly needs clarity in every dimension of life. There is no substitute for clarity in human life.

Human must live their life with clarity. If human live their life with confidence (false sense of clarity aiming to motivate good feeling) but not with true clarity, their life will always go against their confidence.

All of the above relationships make the world “extremely misunderstood” & those are causes why 99% of human being, still suffering the impact of their own “delinquent intelligence”.

Human mind only registers either true or false, don’t lie to your mind. Live & appreciate your moment with the spirits of Love, Peace & Freedom.