Taekwondo WT Training Kuala Lumpur & Selangor

Our Perspective about TAEKWONDO WT.

Human are made for actions, we must move & stay active; TAEKWONDO is the most suitable activity to support that development. Children will grow up with more steady momentum, if we compare it with those who don’t train TAEKWONDO with the right instructor.

Age 4 years old is the best time to start TAEKWONDO training. Anyway still it is never too late for anybody, if it is supported by resilient discipline.

Aside from regimented discipline, it is all about THE SCIENCE OF FANTASTIC KICKING STYLES.

TAEKWONDO WT is well accepted as Martial Art by everyone around the globe. Human athleticisms and revolving fascinating publicity of TAEKWONDO WT give more colours to it appearances.

Substantial evidences on texts & social media confirmed that TAEKWONDO WT was established and emerged by Korean, in South Korea, the agreed place where TAEKWONDO was born. Korea and the Korean are core initiators of TAEKWONDO, no doubt about it.

Although known as combative system that dated back from thousand over years, the modern ages TAEKWONDO WT was formed from knowledge exposure, experience, research and skills of Korean practitioners who were devoted and exposed to indigenous Martial Arts during the period within 1940 to 1950. Among those arts and systems were Karate, Kung Fu, Taekkyeon, Subak and several more.

Modern TAEKWONDO study & traditional preservation was managed by Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA) since it was formed in 1959, KTA is well known until today as an avenue where TAEKWONDO WT and TAEKWON-DO ITF practitioners were originally united and separated. KTA have it branches & instructors globally to foster the originality of TAEKWONDO, the Korean Martial art.

Apart from KTA, Taekwondo practitioner’s DAN grade qualification is recorded by Korean own organisation called KUKKIWOn. Kukkiwon (means national academy) originally started by KTA officials, served as South Korea Governing body for TAEKWONDO establishment internationally, making it the national sport of Korea.

KUKKIWON is located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea and it is highly recoqnised as THE WORLD TAEKWONDO HEADQUARTER, since it official establishment on 6th February 1973.

In 1978, KUKKIWON successfully re-unified TAEKWONDO establishment by integrating most of the separate Kwans (schools) i.e.;

1. Chung Do Kwan
2. Moo Duk Kwan
3. Ji do Kwan
4. Song Moo Kwan
5. Chang Moo Kwan

6. Kang Duk Won
7. Jung Do Kwan
8. Oh Do Kwan
9. Han Moo Kwan

The above details & evidences can be found in TAEKWONDOWON, the WORLD TAEKWONDO CENTRE & Museum in Muju, South Korea. We visits TAEKWONDOWON, KUKKIWON & KTAM (Korea Taekwondo Association in Malaysia) for training, courses, examinations & competitions on regular basis.

KUKKIWON continued cultivating the TAEKWONDO SPIRITS and skills after establishing The World Taekwondo Federation (now rebranding as WT) and the 1st World Taekwondo Championships, 1973.

Apparently, TAEKWONDO WT is also popular as systematic stand-up style Combative Sport in Olympic. The character WT or World Taekwondo (formerly known as The World Taekwondo Federation or WTF) claimed that they are governing the sporting activities of TAEKWONDO WT worldwide.

Now and until further notice, TAEKWONDO WT is accepted as official contest sport in Summer Olympics, starting with Sydney Olympics Games, 2000 onwards.

Apart from basic Martial Arts achievements, whoever learning TAEKWONDO WT from our academy (The Stealth Martial Arts & Taekwondo Academy-TSMATA) will demonstrate significant improvements on the following values:-

1. Physical & mental appearance.
2. Self-control quality.
3. Combative ability.
4. Psychosocial exposure.
5. Emotional intelligent characteristic.

Like other disciplines, we focus on education via Martial Arts training & combative sports. We teach our students to clearly differentiate the right against the wrong from a very young age.

Serving as a long lasting establishment our Academy is free from any negative influences, we had been tested by time, and we make friends and will remain that way. We accepts students from other academies subject to our assessment test result, i.e. to confirm the said student quality & against their grade/ ranking.

In early 2005, we were among the pioneer establishments in the country registered under Sports Development Act 1997. We are also registered with Societies Act 1966 & Registration of Business Act 1956 P.1978.


TAEKWONDO WT is widely practice by the world population, starting from age 3 or 4 years old up to veteran and senior citizen; it has become an effective social tools for sporting and unity among human. We met all kind of behaviors during our experience in teaching. Years of exposure really making us wiser through time.

We are independent organisation devoted in teaching Martial arts & Combative Sports. We maintain good contact with international TAEKWONDO BODY via organising or participating in seminar, conference, tournaments and etcetera on regular basis.

Hence, we believe our students who chosen to learn TAEKWONDO from us is our pillar of strength. We will share true knowledge and skills so that each one of them will use TAEKWONDO to improve their individual character.

BRAIN FIRST – we share wisdom with our students, not merely experimental or fly-by-night. We guide our students to use their ability correctly.
LEADERSHIP BY EXAMPLE, means “If we cannot do, we will not ask our students to do” that goes on and on for our practical lessons in all our training sessions.

Consistent training is compulsory to inculcate pure discipline means “repetition in doing good deed will inculcate good habits in life. Healthy mind and fitness could only be achieved via steady & practice of correct motor learning.

What is rare about us is our TRAINING FACILITY. We provide bright 2 stories fully air-conditioned training hall, equipped with large red and blue training mats (Stealth Prime Centre – SPC / PRIME).

1. Open your mind, explore the world via Martial Arts & Combative Sports.
2. Make friends, not enemy.


In line with MMF direction, we are free from all kind of negativities, especially:-

Alcohol (ethanol).

On top of that, we prohibit the following profiling & related activities:-

Ethnicity discrimination
Political bias.
Abusive attitude.

We put the truth & respect above all – love – peace – freedom.



1. Ability to differentiate the right against the wrong.
2. Awareness towards managing sense of insecurity.
3. Proficiency to distinguish true against false.
4. New perspective & unique ways looking at life.


1. Gain self-control ability.
2. Improvement in decision making quality.
3. Progressive maturity of bravery spirits.


1. Intellectual competency.
2. Fitness specific tailored to combative skills.
3. Calmness in trouble shooting life issues.